Saturday, September 17, 2011


Get admission to study for your Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree at these Universities with ease

Hi Friend,

While you pay as much as #30,000 to #300,000 for tuition fee here in the country with no hope of immediate employment even after your or Do you know that you really have a better opportunity oversea in some European countries as well as some certain Institutions on the United States of America? 

These institutions are absolutely TUITION FREE. You do not pay a dime as school fee. These are institutions in which the government pays for the school fee of all enrolled students in the institutions. They are financed by public expenditures.

Come to think of it, an average student in Europe is expected to pay as much as $5,000 - $10,000 for tuition. That is between the range of #750,000 - #1,500,000. Yes! If you who do not have this vital information about the FREE TUITION institutions and you wants to study abroad, you have no choice than to go and get this huge sum of money.

I am quite sure that some people wouldn’t mind to get it. After all, you will be rest assured of getting a job even before you finish your program. But, rather than look around for such a huge sum of money, here is an opportunity for you to study abroad at FREE TUITION institutions at some of the best institutions in the world. Rather than school here in Nigeria and at the end of it all, you are faced with the social menance of UNEMPLOYMENT, would you rather…

  • ·         School abroad for FREE
  • ·         School in some of the best and finest institutions around the globe
  • ·         School and still earn a living by taking student jobs which fetch as little as $500/month
  • ·         Be certain that you would get a good paying job as soon as you finish your program
  • ·         Live a better life as against the kind of life lived in Nigeria

I and two friends (who will soon be out of the country in a couple of weeks from now) of mine from the department of Information Science, University of Ibadan, have painstakingly packed a compendium of over 100 institutions from Europe and America who offers FREE TUITION for Nigerians. A good number of Nigerians are already studying in these institutions; as such, you will always feel at home when you get there.

The packed compendium of over 100 TUTION FREE institutions detailed the contact address; email, phone number, website address, location, means of contact as well as other relevant information about these TUITION FREE institutions.

The research has been done totally. Yours is just to get this packed compendium, look through it, identify the country of your choice, identify the institution of your choice and you shall have the detailed information about them as well as their website address for you to contact them and start processing your admission. You may choose to do this research on your own but, come to think of it, your precious time will be wasted and even extracting this kind of information from the internet could only be achieved by a well-structured Boolean queries. Exactly what we did as information scientist to get all these classified information and packaged them in to a compendium for you.

The research has been done for you already and it is for you to grab it at a token. Going by the effort put into this project and the quality of work that has been done, I bet a price of #5,000 is justifiable for this priceless information.

But, I am a student like you and I know what that amount means. So, being a considerate fellow, I was the first to convince my partners of a more student friendly price of just #1,000 for this information.

Yes! Pay a token of #1,000 only and this superb compiled information will be yours. That’s not all, I pleaded on your behave to my partners that we give super bonuses to you in company of this product. See what the bonuses are:

1.      An ebook which I personally wrote on how to buy a brand new laptop for as cheap as #20,000. (I used this means to buy my laptop, ipad and digital camera). This ebook is valued at #3,000

2.      An ebook on how to make money from watching football matches. You will see proof of my earnings (#112,870) in the screen shot in the ebook.

3.      An ebook on how to design a website. So simple thing to do. Worth #4,000

Plus 5 other carefully selected ebooks that will really surprise you. All these ebooks are valued at #25,000.

So, I am giving you my research report on TUITION FREE universities in Europe and America plus nine other bonuses worth over #25,000 all for a crazy price of just a thousand naira (#1,000).


Yes! This is the main deal. If you order for my TUITION FREE report and after going through it, you feel aggrieved that you haven’t gotten enough information from it in respect of your expectation, kindly get me informed and I shall REFUND your #1,000 in full. You can have my guide and my bonuses for keep. No comment!


Pay the sum of #1,000 only to:

Name:        Gbolagade Adeniyi

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria plc
Account Number: 6323010005715

After payment, send your payment details (free-tuition, name, email address, phone number) to 07033876643 

The guide and the bonuses will be delivered into your inbox as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Gbolagade A.

PS:         You will be surprised how easy it is for you to travel and school abroad without paying a single kobo for tuition fee

PSS:       You have nothing to lose coz I am giving you 30 days money back guarantee. If you feel that this report does not meet your information need, you are free to ask for refund of your money within 30 days of purchase.

PSSS:      I am giving additional BONUSES valued at over #25,000 to you. Note this please. You only enjoy these bonuses only if you order for my Europe and America TUITION FREE institutions report within the next few days. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are these free when universities just like them in qualities cost
thousands of dollars?
A: Simple. The majority of the schools we profile are financed by the
government through public expenditure.

Q: Are courses in English?
A: Absolutely.
 It only makes sense that the schools we tell you about are in the common
language of business/trade and that most students attending university
outside of their home country, knows.
 The good thing about studying in English is that you’ll be able to practice your
foreign language skills as well as students who go to the USA to study.
This helps when applying to jobs outside of your home country if you choose

Q: Are the schools also free for non-citizens?

Q: I’m from a developing country (China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Kenya, Ghana, Chile, Nigeria, Ukraine, etc.). Can I also attend school tuition
A: Yes.

Q: I’m from a developed country (EU,USA, Canada) does can I “taking
advantage” of these educational opportunities?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I work while I am in school?
A: Yes.

Q: What about books and living expenses?
A: This is a good question that many students ask. The bad news is that you will
be responsible for paying room and board. The GOOD NEWS is that there are
resources out there to assist you.

Q: Can I attend Medical School abroad?
A: Often you can.

Q: If these universities don’t charge tuition, what’s the quality of education
A: These universities are funded by billions of dollars in public spending
(government money) and therefore they have the very highest levels of academic
Also, the concept of “education for all” (free tuition in college) is very common in
many parts of the world such as Europe and in certain jurisdictions of the USA.

Q: Do these universities offer accredited degree programs?
A: Yes, these schools have full accreditations according to very high international